Harmony Blinds Wigan


If you are looking for quality made to measure window blinds look no further than Harmony Blinds Wigan! Harmony's stunning range of fitted window blinds come in an impressive selection of fabrics, and designs can be custom made to cater for each and every customer.


Take a look at the fascinating assortment of window blinds below. The large selection of styles, and competitive prices mean that there really is a window blind to suit each and every customer.

Vertical Blinds by Harmony Wigan
Vertical Blinds
Vertical Blinds

The ever popular Vertical Blinds offer an amazing blind, at an incredible price.


With Vertical Blinds from Harmony you gain from the ability to control light filtration and privacy, while benefitting from a superb style.


Vertical Blinds are available in a huge range of fabrics, and 5 different headrail colours:

  • Ice White
  • Champagne Gold
  • Espresso Brown
  • Piano Black
  • Brushed Steel

In addition to these, Harmony also offer the option of a fabric covered pelmet in the fabric of your choice.

Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are a inexpensive way to add class, and a finishing touch, to any room.

The use of Roller Blinds in conservatories is ever increasing due to their ability to block sunlight, eliminate glare, and in some cases they can even help to regulate temperature.

They are available in many fabrics and styles, and even come in a variety of shaped edges.

You can even choose which poles, pulls, and braids you would like.

Being easy to maintain, and use, it is easy to see why Roller Blinds have been popular for many years, and their popularity is forever growing.

Perfect Fit Blinds by Harmony Wigan
Perfect Fit Blinds
Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds are a modern, stylish blind, which have the added bonus of fitting perfectly to your window frame without the need to drill.


As these blinds are installed flush against the window they ensure that no gaps are left, which not only gives a professional, finished look, but also protects against heat loss.


Perfect Fit Blinds can be easily removed for cleaning purposes, and can be installed on opening windows and doors, and can also be adapted for conservatory roof blinds.


Perfect Fit Blinds are available in 5 frame colours.

Roman Blinds by Harmony Wigan
Roman Blinds
Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds offer a look which is similar to curtains, though offer all the effects of a blind.


They are available in a stunning range of fabrics, which can be matched up to your existing decor, and offer a finishing touch to any room or conservatory.


Another added advantage of Roman Blinds is that they are made with blackout lining.

Vision Blinds by Harmony Wigan
Vision Blinds
Vision Blinds

The newest addition to the elegant window blind range by Harmony Wigan is the marvellous Vision Blind. This exclusive window blind has the ability to combine the ideal balance of privacy, and light control, though offers a distinct individual look.


The Vision Blind is cleverly operated by a single control chain. This slides the opaque and translucent woven slides past each other to control light and privacy.


The chain can also raise and lower the blind to any height so that you can control privacy or glare, or you can roll the blind fully up into the cassette headrail if you would like a full view of outside. The cassette headrail's are available in either a plain open cassette, or you can have a fabric insert.


Despite high quality manufacturing and design, the Vision Blind benefits from low maintenance.

Senses Blinds by Harmony Wigan
Senses Blinds
Senses Roller Blinds

The amazing Senses Roller Blinds are similar to standard Roller Blinds, though with added extras, including fabric covered fully integrated fascia.


An additional added bonus of the Senses "Slow Rise" Roller Blinds is that they work by a one touch operation. This feature enables you to set all the blinds in your home to rise and stop at the same level every time, and in just one touch. You can even control the speed in which they glide into place. This feature also eliminates the need for cords and chains, making them the perfect choice where children are concerned.


Senses Roller Blinds come in a huge variety of fabrics and colours, and the coordinated fascia ensures a unique and luxurious look. In addition to this you can finish your blind with a choice of chrome, gold, brushed steel, or black end caps.


Other exciting advantages with the Senses Roller Blind are the ability to add extras such as eyelets, braids or a shaped scallop.

Pleated Blinds by Harmony Wigan
Pleated Blinds
Pleated Blinds

Harmony's eye catching Pleated Blind collection offer a fantastic way to control light filtration into a room, and look stylishly impressive at the same time.


Available in a vast assortment of fabrics, textures and colours, there is sure to be something to your taste. In addition to this there is also the option of energy saving fabrics, blackout and light diffusing fabrics, and temperature regulating fabrics.


Pleated Blinds can be fitted to any window, and are proving more and more popular in conservatories as they can also be fitted to doors, skylights and conservatory roofs.


An added bonus with Harmony's Pleated Blinds is that they are compatible with the Perfect Fit frame. This eliminates the need for drilling and screwing.

Perfect Fit Venetian by Harmony Wigan
Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds
Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are always a household favourite, and their distinct advantages explain why.


Harmony's Venetian Blinds offer a high level of privacy when shut, though when the slats are open they allow light to filter through the slats at varying degrees.


Slats are available in 4 different slat widths, which gives various unique looks and individuality, and the wider the slat, the larger the viewing area.


A Harmony Venetian Blind is made of heavy gauge slats, making them robust, ensuring that they are not damaged by bending or crimping.


The stunning array of colours, from bold colours to natural shades, ensures that you are certain to find something to your liking.

Wooden Venetian Blinds by Harmony Wigan
Wooden Venetian Blinds
Wooden Venetian Blinds by Harmony Wigan
Wooden Venetian Blinds
Wooden Blinds

Wooden Venetian Blinds are a long standing all time favourite.


Made from real wood, Venetian Blinds are highly customisable, and can be finished with matching tapes, and you can choose from a variety of toggles.


These blinds come in a variety of different slat sizes, each giving a varying level of light ingress.


Harmony's Wooden Venetian Blinds come in a variety of ranges:  

  • Excel - Excel blinds are the more basic wooden blind, though it is remarkable what 'basic' will get you at Harmony Blinds Wigan. Available in both 35mm & 50mm slat widths, and in 6 different shades ranging from white EW:01 through to the very dark EW:06 you should be able to match your furniture on a budget.
  • High Gloss - High Gloss blinds are a new concept in wooden blinds. Coated with a beautiful gloss paint they offer a sleek designer look which will look superb in any room. Available in 50mm slat only.
  • Softgrain - Soft Grain blinds are available in 50mm slat only and come with matching pelmet, cords, toggles, and bottom bar as standard. These blinds stand out due to the finish of the slat which highlights the natural grain of the wood.
  • Sunwood - If you are looking to add that little bit of something extra, Sunwood is what you're looking for. These blinds are available in 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm slats for varying degrees of light ingress. Harmony have a range of additions such as tapes, a selection of toggles, and also new valance options - all available to you for no extra cost.